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woke up with a bad nose this morning..but thankfully my muscles were not as sore as I thought they would have been. Yesterday, my legs were feeling like lead. And the last time I really felt that was after a week of track trainings. Haha.

But I had a good workout this week. Wednesday was soccer on a full field with 90 mins. Ended 7-7 wuth the score being 4-0 at one point. It was quite an entertaining game :) havent had one in a long time.

anyway this is another quotables post. the top 5 memorable lines of 2009 (first half). haha.

1) Cos my dad and mum forgot the v on the other half of w. So it wasn't winnie!

Vinnie explains why her parents named her "Vinnie"

2) I will give you one times sidekick. Then you will know my boot size. Do you know whats my bootsize? 10 point 5!

Guess who.

3) You're so stupid that even my IQ is higher than you!

P.N. who admits afterward that he was never good at answering back.

4) What is philosophy? Is it easy?

BTX runs out of questions to ask.

5) We will pass...with colours!

TZ, when asked if he was sure if we were ready for IPPT

Friday, June 05, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@3:16 AM

Here's a rare blog entry. You're lucky if you catch this cos I've been neglecting the blog for far too long.

Haha =)

I'm not going to too spend much effort trying to remember what's happened in the past 9 weeks or so. But I guess the most memorable experience was sleeping cowboy style in the forest, with me and my buddy trying to prop up a groundsheet with our arms while loudly cursing our luck.

Made me treasure weekends a lot, where I got to enjoy the occasional outing or just slack big time at home.

And in between catching up with prison break episodes and watching movies this week, I somehow managed to grind out ideas for my appeal. It was rather spontaneous and on the spot because initially, I was kind of frustrated didnt know what to type.

Well, the outcome is outside my control now so hoping for the best. Honestly, I'm not optimistic about the appeal but I didnt want any more regrets. Already rueing the fact that I didnt do enough for the portfolio.

Anyway there was this surprising and rather unpleasant scene on the bus that day. Was on my way to meet bowtuck and Wes when it happened.

The old lady was trying to get to the exit. And this young man happened to be blocking her way with his hand. And suddenly they started to quarrel. Blah blah blah. Pain in the ear. The guy said loudly that she had an "aunty attitude" and that she was a mad woman in hokkien. The old lady retorted that he was a mad man. Blah blah blah even further. Things took a turn for the worse when the old lady drew her umbrella and whacked the guy on the legs, causing him to talk even more loudly and sarcastically.

Amidst all this, no one interfered. Perhaps it was the "stay out of trouble" attitude of typical Singaporeans or maybe it was because everyone thought the whole scene was silly and weird and not worth our attention. So some eye rolling was enough. Haha.

Well, got to go off soon. Aiks XC

Oh, really looking forward to twelfie bbq, part 2 in two weeks time (memories of us falling down and dunking people come to mind. Lawl.)

Look out for another rare post!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@7:58 AM

Between the probable and proved there yawns
A gap. Afraid to jump we stand absurd,
Then see behind us sink the ground and, worse
Our very standpoint crumbling. Desperate dawns
Our only hope: to leap into the Word
That opens up the shuttered universe.
Sheldon Vanauken

Friday, April 17, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@5:49 AM

Watching mind your language to pass time now. what a lawly show. haha.

And yes, these are the last few hours of block leave before I go to sispec tmr >.<

Time somehow speeds up a lot when you're out of camp. It's the reverse when you're inside. The best one can do is to try to take your mind off the clock, which is kind of impossible at times!

Anw retreat was good and far less draggy than I thought. In fact, we all agreed it was the best since we started off 3 years ago. Took a primary school group of kiddies for the first time and felt that I could have done with some sedatives. Haha. But it was quite a refreshing change and I was encouraged by the way they tried to think before sharing.

Well, games went out of hand but they liked it.

We planned water bombs and "find the goodies in the flour". The flour game was meant to last 45 mins but it held till one minute and it was complete chaos after that. Free for all. So flour ended up in many places they were not supposed to be. For water bombs, almost everyone abandoned the rules and we became so helpless we joined in! Holding the loudhailer only earned me a few minutes of immunity. Then splash.

Was quite busy with applications too. Had a headache with the scholarships but its almost done. Not as thorough as the mouse, so didnt try to fill in ALL 8 choices and applied for NUS only. That would be dizzying.

Lastly, here's a toast to my OCS friends who will be held hostage for 3 weeks! And all the best to the rest going to get ikan billis, drive tanks, fix arms or have yet to enlist =)

Hope to be back soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@6:27 PM

Feel strange today. Perhaps it was the strange dream I had just now (rocky hills was turned into a chalet. haha). Perhaps its the excitement of POP draining away and the pace of life picks up again once more. More so because there are many unsettled things and so little time.

Talked to a doc on sat about a medical career. Made me think of some of the stuff I havent thought of yet. "have to be prepared to give up lots of is a calling.." she said.

And getting my posting this friday. I have no real desire to go to any particular unit though. Army isnt the kind of life for me but rather a place to learn how to take stress in preparation for what might come next. its 7 days left. But I'm glad I spent the last 4 days going out with the family, eating out with dajie and the eggy twins and catching up with old friends outside. It also seemed like a long time since I had the chance to watch a nice movie, read and just stone around (reminds me of lilin. haha)

lastly, hope that the retreat goes well and praying that it would be a meaningful exp for them. oh and for the first time, we're planning games and me and matt will make sure they get wet and powdery. haha.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@6:56 PM

back from an utterly exhausting field camp! here watching some vids and jumping ard sites. so I decided on a short post.

I bet I have never been as tired as yesterday night in my whole life. glad I got throught the mental and physical torture..with support from great section mates of mine of cos!

well here are 5 of the more notable incidents (while careful to avoid mentioning the training)

1. fell asleep while helping my friend with his shellsrape
2. my buddy was bightened by a centipede. somehow I managed to avoid it =O
3. saw a wildboar very close by. huge!
4. no bath for 6 days. spammed with prickly heat everyday.
5. sprayed car wash style on the last day

and I'm happy to be alive and home. Thank God =) ns really makes you appreciate home and family more. aiks! its over. jumps ard.

miss my class too and those overseas. Dajie, Hoeping and Steve went missing and Harry's prob working here but hv been unable to contact him. and eggy..she's gg for NS too. lawl. then Ploy's getting hyper in thailand. Anw managed time with wes btx ewz and gang during cny but cmi for the s10 one. so Jialin has to postpone her laughter >.<

brb soon.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


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tHeKOPrAntS@5:35 AM

In 2 days…I’ll have my overgrown hair shaved, put on unglam specs and receive that weird pixilated uniform which will get uglier if it rains (pray for no rain, people!) My feelings for now? Well, I’m neither nervous nor excited but I want to be certain about a few things at least e.g. the stuff I have to bring! Mother is helping to stuff my bag too. For the rest…hmm...Janice the rabbit said that it’s best to take surprises as they come. That’ll make army life more interesting.

Talking to a few people now and Aaron told me that he hasn’t started enjoying himself yet and the army has to come and take him away. Lawl. Too late =X
For this week, me has been cutting down the workouts and chionging the going out instead. Sunday spent the whole day in church (yes tt was me, Naomi >.^) Half the day we were selling new year goodies. To avoid death by boredom, I ended up drawing pictures from coins and notes. We received a thousand dollar one and Joel was making a fool with it while being photographed. Haha. For lunch, exco and a few others treated me to thai express, saying it was my last supper (Help!) Anw thks guys =) Spent the rest of the afternoon dota-ing at gardens with some of them before gg for mass.

Monday was part 2 with my class at hard rock. Here are some photos they took. Food was db ex. Ouch. Therefore didn’t take drinks. Yuwei attained stone form, after his long island and SOTB (Wes, guess what). Kenny bought the wrong drink. Tasted like cough medicine and smelled like sewage. Everyone tried a bit and we were happy to survive. Kenny couldn’t finish up beyond half the glass though. Oh and thanks Jialun for the photo and the note. Sweet ;)

Tuesday was part 3 with my squadmates at astons. Haven’t had a chance to see so many of us together for quite a while already and so it felt really great to catch up with them. Just came back actually cos we CS-ed after lunch for 2 hrs. The game ended with a joke. Everyone agreed on knives but some joker drew a pistol and caused all to panic and chaos resulted.

Photos below and this marks the end of my final post before BMT. All guys gg in…must tahan okay?
La Gorn >.^

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


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Your type is known as the supervisor, as you are not hesitant to give your stamp of approval on others - or tell them how they are lacking if they are. You are surprised when others don't seem grateful that you have set them straight. Your type also belongs to the larger group called guardians. Experience is what matters to you, not experimentation or conjecture. You often take a lead role in the many groups and organizations you belong to. You worry a great deal about society falling apart, morality degrading, and what the world is coming to. You share your personality type with 10% of the population. As a romantic partner, you communicate very clearly your strong opinions so your partner always knows where they stand. You are dependable, responsible, and rock solid. You can be rather infexible about giving up any control and insist on keeping a schedule, although you have great energy and enthusiam for planned adventures. You have difficulty seeing other's points of view and your biggest downfall in a relationship is dismissing your partner's feelings as illogical. You feel most appreciated for being trustworthy, efficient, and productive. You wish to be thanked tangibly for the ways you keep your lives on track. Your group summary: Guardians (SJ) Your Type Summary: ESTJ


Raphael! Origin-Hebrew-(Healing of God)
MSHNPCC S4B.Marist!Saints! PAES12 TWelfie JAES10
MSNPCC P/Cadet Insp Tsunami squad, Campcraft team 2 =)
SAthelete distance runner =)

* likes

talking to animals esp cats!
my daughter!
inspirational music
fighting the foolish gang
chem and bio
doing funny things and giving a lot of comments
talking back to EWZ
good movies
bleach, heroes
learning new stuffs
cooking, paper aeroplanes, the unexplained, brainteasers =O

* Facts 1.78m and growing..
Lightweight and able to drift!
Stuntman. Able to fall well
feels warm most of the time.
myopic with slight color blindness. left foot collapsed. right one arched haha

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